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Specialists and managers

For humans the learning process never ends. To L&R, professional training and continuing education mean an investment in the future of each individual and by the same token in the future of the Group. In addition to professional job familiarisation measures for new specialists and managers at the start of their employment, L&R Academy continuously provides the means to gain internal and external qualifications. Targeted continuing education and lifelong learning are key factors for your personal development and your personal success.

Long-term perspective


As an internationally expanding company group, L&R offers interesting professional challenges and diverse career prospects to its employees — at an international level as well. Personnel development has a prominent place in our overall corporate strategy: We encourage our employees in order to develop future leaders and put each individual in the positions that best match his/her abilities. The result is long-term, mutually beneficial work relationships.

L&R is an attractive employer who provides secure jobs and offers solid prospects for their employees’ future as a result of their systematic growth strategy. In accordance with the various obligations and responsibilities, we provide workplace-relevant social benefits and support — a fair offer to our employees to cultivate their personal development.

A “good” product


L&R’s top priority is promoting human welfare. Products for the medical sector as well as for care always imply a “service” to humanity and to society. We don’t make consumer products, but offer solutions that make life more comfortable for both patients and healthcare professionals. L&R’s products serve to relieve pain and to promote and improve the wound healing process in patients, among other things.

Therefore as a specialist and/or manager at L&R, you can make a contribution to benefit humankind.

Your opportunity at L&R


Our employees can make their own career choices - for example, decide on specialist or managerial career path. The comprehensive L&R Academy programmes promote and develop individuals for future managerial and leadership positions.

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