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Shortening routes — bridging distances

Optimized transport is essential for L&R's business operations. We are always improving our logistics so we can get our products to our customers reliably and at the same time reduce related emissions to a minimum.

To make our logistics process as efficient and environmentally friendly as possible, we collaborate with selected strategic service partners. Health care management for medical practices, hospitals and pharmacies also includes provision of intelligent logistics services so that we can ensure that the right product is available at the right time in the right amount and at the right place – always.

At all L&R Group locations we supply our customers promptly and reliably from our international logistics centres. Cutting-edge warehousing and commissioning technology, IT connexions and automated loading and unloading facilities ensure that our warehousing and transport system is optimized at the logistics centres.

Our own services are supplemented by collaborative arrangements with international partners. In everything we do sustainability and the careful use of resources play an important role.

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