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Product categories

Wound Care


In the area of wound care, L&R products are synonymous with cutting-edge science. A large number of these are products for modern wound care. The Suprasorb, Vliwasorb or Debrisoft product lines are just a few examples of our top-notch products with unique selling points in this sector. Special products for ophthalmology, dermatology and ENT complete this range of products.

Bandages & Dressings


The L&R range of bandages and dressings includes the entire range of products for retention, stabilization, compression and immobilization, as well as supports and orthoses. Rosidal, Cellona, Cellacast and Cellacare are only four of the numerous successful, established brands in this field.

Set Systems & Hygiene


L&R knows exactly what the procedures and needs of the operating theatre are and offers a customized range of OR drapes and clothing, as well as set systems and hygiene products. Kitpack, Setpack and Raucodrape are just a few of the leading brands that nursing staff and surgeons rely on in the operating theatre. With presorted surgical and treatment sets L&R helps effectively optimize many regularly occurring processes in a clinical setting. We assemble, for example, our disposable surgical drapes as requested by the customer with dressings and different commercial products.

Negative Pressure Therapy


The Suprasorb CNP system promotes wound healing by using negative pressure wound therapy (NPWT). Successful components of the Suprasorb CNP system include vacuum pumps, foams, the Suprasorb CNP drainage film, drainage port, as well as 24-hour service. L&R has won prizes in Germany and Austria for innovation, which underscores the company's successful development activities.

  • Medical Technology

L&R Optiline


L&R OPTILINE is a concept for improving efficiency and ensuring quality in hospitals, which is based on our experience as an expert full-range supplier and a partner in providing care across sectors. Every sector that we can impact as a supplier of medical devices is analyzed with the help of L&R OPTILINE. Safe patient care while increasing efficiency is our common goal.