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Research and Innovation

Seeking the best

Our in-house research and development activities are the foundation on which our company’s long years of success is built. We invest in extensive research, conducted both to develop new products and to optimize established concepts. Our objective is always to find the best solutions for patients and medical professionals.

Custom solutions for individual requirements. Innovation is that which benefits the customer.

The goal of L&R’s development activities is to create continually enhanced, optimized products which satisfy economic and ecological requirements. To achieve this, L&R researches the evolving needs of physicians and nurses in the workplace, paying extra attention on their social needs. Our development activities we also focus on ecological impact. We feel it is our job to offer all of our customers around the world easy-to-use, economically attractive products and services. This is why our subsidiaries and partners around the world are closely involved in our product development processes, something which also ensures the global success of our product.

We are sustained in this by our conviction that a solution has to be holistic to win long-term success. Meeting the needs of nursing staff is just as important as therapeutic efficacy. To achieve the best results and to satisfy bottom-line requirements, L&R does its work at international development centres. Safety and benefits for customers and patients are the top priority.

Another building block which helps these efforts succeed is the in-depth dialogue L&R maintains with practising physicians and caregivers. We send our expert advisers to visit our customers on site and have established our own innovation process. This way we are able to incorporate the latest trends and customer requests into the development of new products and to inform our customers about better treatment options. We regularly share our expert knowledge through numerous services and in independent professional journals.

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