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Actico® silk

Ready-for-use compression dressing

Fields of application

  • for treatment of venous leg ulcer after reduction of oedema
  • to prevent recurrence of chronic venous ulcers
  • can be used in various ways as a compression stocking (class II­-III)


  • 2­layered compression stocking (approx. 40 mmHg around the ankle)
  • understocking:

    • white
    • closed toe
    • approx. 10 mmHg

  • overstocking:

    • sand-coloured
    • open toe
    • approx. 25­-35 mmHg
    • easy to put on and take off without an application aid
    • high wearing comfort
    • for high aesthetic requirements

To note

  • Understocking is washable at 60° C
  • Overstocking is washable at 40° C

Soft components for the healing phase

Phase-appropriate compression with a silk-like effect: Actico silk’s practical two-piece, ready-for-use dressing system promotes healing. It is the next step after treatment with the short stretch bandage system Rosidal sys, which is used for initial treatment in the oedema phase. As a ready-for-use compression dressing for use after oedema has been reduced, Actico silk is the rational option for continuing treatment until the ulcers have healed. Ready-for-use dressings are recommended when there is no pitting or as soon as there is no obvious decrease in volume in the lower leg between compression dressing changes.

Silk-like properties

The integrated silky nylon microfibres are what make this ready-for-use dressing a comfortable-to-wear stocking with a silk-like effect. So the stockings slide easily and comfortably over one another, when being put on and taken off. They have high skin tolerance and adapt to provide an anatomical fit which results in a high degree of treatment accuracy.
This is how it works: A white understocking is pulled on directly over the wound dressing. The 10 mmHg compression it supplies is enough for night-time use. During the day, a second, sand-coloured stocking at 30 mmHg is pulled over the white understocking. Actico silk provides the high working pressure required in the acute phase, especially when walking.

Reliable companion – day or night

Actico silk provides continuous compression therapy day or night with a comfortably low resting pressure – the white understocking is worn on the leg around the clock. This ensures a consistently correct fit for the dressing which results in high treatment safety. Actico silk compression products are also washable, which makes them economical and cost-effective to use.

Product composition

Set consisting of: 2 white understockings 90% polyamide, 10% elasthane and 1 skin-coloured overstocking 65% polyamide, 35% elasthane.

Ordering information

Actico® silk ready-for-use compression stocking

SizeAnkle circumference (cm)Calf circumference (cm)REFShipping Units (boxes)Weight in kg (SC/TC)
S19.5 - 25.530.5 - 37.5269051/160.10/1.86
M21.5 - 27.533.0 - 40.0269061/16 0.09/1.62
L22.5 - 29.535.5 - 43.0269101/16 0.09/1.70
XL23.0 - 32.038.0 - 46.0269111/16 0.10/1.78
XXL23.5 - 34.040.0 - 49.0269121/16 0.11/2.02

Actico® silk 3 single liners

SizeAnkle circumference (cm)Calf circumference (cm)REFShipping Units (boxes)Weight in kg (SC/TC)
S19.5 - 25.530.5 - 37.5307353/1500.05/2.68
M21.5 - 27.533.0 - 40.0307363/150 0.05/2.68
L22.5 - 29.535.5 - 43.0307373/150 0.05/2.68
XL23.0 - 32.038.0 - 46.0307383/150 0.05/2.68
XXL23.5 - 34.040.0 - 49.0307393/150 0.05/2.68

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