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Raucodur® Cohesive

Cohesive Short Stretch Bandage

Fields of application

  • as a permanent bandage for compression of limbs in phlebology
  • immobilization of limbs
  • support and stress relief in the capsular ligament system
  • pre-/post-operative thromboprophylaxis


  • lengthwise elastic (approx. 75 %)
  • textile-elastic (twisted warp threads)
  • bandage reliably stays in place
  • high levels of compression pressure can be maintained over extended periods of time
  • permeable to air and water vapour
  • with cut edges
  • skin-coloured

Product composition

100 % cotton; coated with microfine dots of natural rubber adhesive (latex)

Ordering information

Raucodur® Cohesive

5 m (stretched length), individually packed in a cardboard box
Width (cm)REFShipping Units (pcs.)Weight in kg (SC/TC)