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tg® grip

Tubular Support Bandage

Fields of application

  • for support and retention with a light compression effect


  • supple material with uniform compression effect
  • air-permeable
  • practical, handy
  • light padding effect
  • application with virtually no creases
  • knitted seamlessly
  • widthwise stretch
  • skin-friendly thanks to high percentage of cotton

To note

  • washable up to 60°C
  • sterilizable by steam (134°C)
  • compression can be enhanced with a second layer of material or by using a smaller size

Get a grip

The tubular support bandage is powerful, supple, permanently elastic and supplies even pressure. The product is practical and handy — both with conforming bandages with mild compression and to provide support and relief for ligaments, tendons and joints, and for large (chest) dressings. The tubular support bandage is air-permeable, provides some cushioning and is very skin-friendly thanks to the high percentage of cotton. It can be applied, removed and re-applied easily and without bunching. The compressive effect can be further enhanced with a second layer of material or by choosing a smaller size.

Product composition

85% cotton, elastodiene (latex); covered with a polyamide yarn

Ordering information

tg® grip

10 m roll in a cardboard dispenser
Size (cm)REFShipping Units (rolls)Weight in kg (SC/TC)
A (4.6) for children’s hands, children’s forearms241201/24 0.30/7.60
B (6) for children’s arms, children’s lower legs241211/16 0.55/9.10
C (6.5) for (slim) arms, children’s legs241221/16 0.48/8.03
D (7.5) for medium-sized arms, lower legs241231/16 0.51/8.58
E (8.75) for large arms, legs, slim thighs241241/12 0.71/8.84
F (10) for legs, medium-sized thights241251/12 0.72/8.96
G (12) for legs, for large thighs241261/8 0.95/7.91
J (17.5) for (small) trunks241271/6 1.32/8.27
K (21.5) for (medium-sized) trunks241281/4 1.41/6.19
L (32.5) for (large) trunks241291/4 2.11/8.80
M (37.5 cm) for (extra-large) trunks241301/2 2.71/5.67