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Suprasorb® CNP P1 and P2

The solid foundations of the therapy.

A complete system with unique special solutions

Reflecting the wide range of challenges that a wound can present, the P1 and P2 therapy units have the entire negative pressure therapy indication spectrum covered.

Both share a simple menu navigation system with just a few keys and software offering the user the choice between “Continuous” and “Intermittent” therapy modes.

The units boast an appealing design and are lightweight and compact at the same time.

Depending on the volume of exudate and the patient’s mobility, there is the choice between the ergonomically designed P2 and the high capacity of the cost-effective P1.

It is you as the user who decides.


Suprasorb CNP P1
Stationary and systematic.

  • developed for everyday clinical use
  • manages high levels of exudate
  • low consumable costs thanks to exudate collection pouch

Suprasorb CNP P2
Mobile for patients on the move.

  • small, lightweight device
  • the ideal companion for mobile patients
  • good wearing comfort thanks to its ergonomic design and practical carry bag

Ordering information

Suprasorb® CNP Therapy Units

Size/RangeREFShipping units (pcs.)
Suprasorb® CNP P1System for controlled negative pressure therapy in a functional transportation case252901/1
Suprasorb® CNP P1Sales device252911/1
Suprasorb® CNP P2System for controlled negative pressure therapy in a functional transportation case257501/1
Suprasorb® CNP P2Sales device257511/1

Suprasorb® CNP P1 accessories

Suprasorb CNP Exudate collection chamber394051/4
Suprasorb CNP Exudate collection pouch, One Way 1,000 ml
Suprasorb® CNP Connecting Tube
Connection between the exudate chamber and pump 394085/30
Suprasorb® CNP Patient Connecting Tube, sterile packed individuallyCH 25, 180 cm
Connection between exudate chamber and dressing
Suprasorb® CNP Universal Mount397001/1

Suprasorb® CNP P2 accessories

Suprasorb® CNP Exudate collection chamber, 250 ml397855/20
Suprasorb® CNP carrier bagFor mobile use316885/30

Suprasorb® CNP P1 + P2 accessories

Size/RangeREFShipping unit (pcs.)
Absorbent cotton gauze, antimicrobial, off the roll, 11.4 cm x 3.7 m, sterile252835/40
Silicone wound drain, flat, 0.4 x 1 x 80 cm, perforated, 20 cm, sterile2528410/280
Y-connector with 10 cm tubing attachment, sterile2595310/80
Suprasorb CNP Drainage pad, sterile packed individually317405/40

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