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Suprasorb® CNP Wound Filler

With wound fillers from L&R the choice is yours –
decide what’s best for your patients

To note

  • The different shapes and sizes make for easier handling.

We offer the right wound filler for every type of wound.

Antimicrobial absorbent cotton gauze

  • easy to shape
  • antimicrobial action
  • allows exudate to be assessed through the wound dressing


Wound foam

  • allows treatment of large wound volumes in a short period of time
  • the different shapes and sizes make for easier handling
  • can be cut to size simply


Ordering information

Suprasorb® CNP Wound foams

sterile packed individually
Size/RangeMeasurements (mm)REFShipping units (pcs.)
Size M, thin, charcoal-grey100 x 150 x 103940110/40
Size M, charcoal-grey 100 x 150 x 30
Size L, charcoal-grey 250 x 150 x 30 3940310/20
Size XL, charcoal-grey250 x 300 x 3039404
2 pcs., abdomen, charcoal-grey 380 x 250 x 15 39410

10 (5 x 2)
20 (2 x 5 x 2)