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Pro-ophta® Eye Cushion Pads

Eye Dressing Pad

Fields of application

  • for injuries to the external eye
  • postoperative eye care
  • application of pharmaceuticals


  • anatomically shaped
  • closed edges all around
  • low-linting
  • soft and supple
  • high absorption capacity

To note

  • also suitable for spectacle wearers

Pro-ophta Eye Cushion Pads are the product of choice when a very soft and comfortable product with completely sealed edges
is needed to care for postoperative wounds, to protect and dress eye injuries or to apply medicinal products to the eye. The eye cushion pad’s slim design and oval shape provides optimal eye protection for spectacle wearers as well.

The Pro-ophta Eye Cushion Pad is characterised by its high absorbency. It absorbs and retains secretions thanks to its core of high-loft, absorbent cotton wool composed of 60% polypropylene and 40% cotton. The eye cushion pad’s low-linting surface is made up of a velvety soft outer nonwoven fabric layer.

Product composition

Inside: absorbent, soft cotton wool wadding, 60% polypropylene, 40% cotton
Outside: soft, nonwoven sleeve (both sides), 100% polypropylene

Ordering information

Pro-ophta® Eye Cushion Pad

Size (cm)REFShipping Units (pcs.)Weight in kg (SC/TC)
sterile, individually sealed
6.2 x 7.21304325/2500.21/2.18
non-sterile, in a cardboard box
6.2 x 7.21304150/5000.21/2.20