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Pro-ophta® Eye Dressing Pad

Eye Dressing Pad

Fields of application

  • for injuries to the external eye
  • postoperative eye care
  • application of pharmaceuticals


  • oval eye dressing pad
  • open edges all around
  • very high-loft with gauze layers on both sides
  • high absorption capacity

The high-loft oval Pro-ophta eye dressing pad with gauze layers on both sides is used for postoperative eye care or injuries to the external eye. The eye dressing pad is open at the sides making it very absorbent. The core is composed of eye-grade cotton wool and the outer layers are made of 28-count 100% cotton gauze. It can also be used to apply pharmaceuticals to the eyes.

Product composition

Inside: Eye-grade cotton wool
Outside: 28-count gauze dressing on both sides, 100% cotton, punched oval shape.

Ordering information

Pro-ophta® Eye Dressing Pad

Size (cm)REFShipping Untis (pcs.)Weight in kg (SC/TC)
sterile, individually sealed
5.5 x 7.5130195/2000.04/1.88
non-sterile, in a cardboard box
5.5 x 7.5130205/2500.02/1.20
5.5 x 7.51302150/5000.16/1.90