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Kitpack® OR Custom Procedure Tray

There’s much more inside

Kitpack reduces surgery preparation time enormously. Everything is completely ready and sterile in seconds – for a whole team and for every specific operation. With Kitpack you are closer to your patients. Precisely in those phases when every second counts, valuable time is won that may be important for survival. Every set comprises the ready-for-use components selected by the
customer – assembled according to indication. In addition to different types and quantities of dressings, OR drapes and OR clothing, the kit also contains other single-use medical devices. After a detailed analysis and consultation by our medical device consultants, the Kitpack is assembled for our customers; whether for procedures in general surgery, orthopaedics or other disciplines. When assembling the Kitpacks, L&R takes customers’ requirements into account. The contents are assembled on the basis of an individual needs assessment.

Added value

With Kitpack users optimize their use of resources and reduce working time, occupancy times and other costs – all with complete safety and the necessary flexibility. L&R ensures that the customer’s Kitpack is always available. The customer has the choice:

  • complete stockpiling of the entire contract quantity on the customer’s premises

  • individual supply in accordance with the call-off contract from the L&R Logistics Centre

To prevent any bottlenecks, L&R informs customers about the remaining contract quantities so that there is sufficient time to place another order. Aware of the responsibility this entails, L&R has implemented a global quality management program which exceeds the legal requirements and sets internal performance benchmarks.

  • use of high-quality products
  • coordinated internal processes

    • compatibility testing
    • physical suitability

  • effective monitoring
  • incoming material control
  • in-process controls
  • final testing

All Kitpacks have two documentation labels with all of the relevant information which are attached to the sterile packaging.

  • No handover is required; the floater can use the label for documentation straight away.
  • handy size for OR reports
  • Kitpack has the EAN 128 code on all levels of packaging

    • including lot number
    • including expiry date
    • including item number

The packing sequence precisely reflects internal workflows to help optimize OR prep time. By using a coordinated sterilization process, Kitpack establishes a basis for the highest possible level of safety in every OR.


  • delivers substantial time savings because there is no need to assemble individual components prior to surgery
  • reduces the time spent on logistics and administration because the more straightforward ordering process minimizes the work involved in purchasing
  • ensures greater safety in the OR because reducing the risk of contamination associated with opening and transferring sterile products improves infection prophylaxis
  • makes it easier to document the materials used in the OR because all relevant information is provided on a single label
  • increases cost transparency because costs per case can be broken down more quickly and easily than with individual items

Fields of application

  • specifically designed for use in the OR


  • individually assembled in accordance with customer specifications
  • contains all single-use medical devices required for the OR
  • sterile and ready for immediate use
  • compact and surgically compliant packaging

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