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Kitpack® OR Custom Procedure Tray


One set with thousands of possibilities.

Every set comprises the ready-for-use components selected by the customer – assembled according to indication. In addition to different types and quantities of dressings, OR drapes and OR clothing, the kit also contains other single-use medical devices.

After a detailed analysis and consultation by our medical device consultants, the Kitpack is assembled for our customers; whether for procedures in general surgery, orthopaedics or other disciplines. When assembling the Kitpacks, L&R takes customers’ requirements into account. The contents are assembled on the basis of an individual needs assessment.

The packing sequence precisely reflects internal workflows to help optimize OR prep time. By using a coordinated sterilization process, Kitpack establishes a basis for the highest possible level of safety in every OR.

8000 components available
6000 different sets in use
150 Kitpack orders per day
5 millions of Kitpacks produced per year