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Gazin® Swabs RK, non-sterile

Fields of application

  • after being sterilized, specifically designed for use in the OR
  • for absorption of blood and secretions during surgical procedures


  • non-sterile
  • made from cotton gauze
    DIN EN 14079
  • soft and highly absorbent
  • 20-thread

The non-sterile Gazin Swabs RK made from absorbent cotton gauze (DIN EN 14079) are suitable for use in the OR. The swabs contain an X-ray detectable thread.
Sterile swabs with X-ray detectable thread are available under the brand name Setpack Swabs RK.

Product composition

The swabs are made from 100% cotton. The integrated X-ray detectable thread is dyed blue and is made up of polypropylene, polyester thread and barium sulphate. The safety ring is made from silicone.

Ordering information

Gazin® Dissecting Swabs X-ray detectable

non-sterile, with X-ray detectable thread, 24 thread count, sterilizable by steam (134°C), in a foil pouch
Size (approx. cm)REFShipping Units (pcs.)Weight in kg (UC/SC/TC)
Size 2, small, 6 x 6151551000/3000/450000.21/0.60/9.40
Size 3, medium, 8 x 8151561000/2000/300000.31/0.60/10.30
Size 4, large, 12 x 1215157500/1000/150000.32/0.60/10.30