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Rely on service and safety

The Raucodrape range offers a wide spectrum of standard surgery sets based on indication. The surgery-specific sets simplify inventory control and lead to time savings and reductions in the work required for surgery preparation – in part because it is no longer necessary to manage individual components.

The wide range of 4-sheet, 2-sheet and all-in-onet drapes available means the best possible solution can be selected. The user has a complete selection of modern all-in-one drapes with a 3-dimensional cut to prevent tension in the fabric and additional equipment that shortens the preparation time and thus considerably reduces the workload.
The 4-sheet and 2-sheet drapes can be flexibly used for various surgical procedures. The size of the fenestration can be adjusted according to the user’s needs.

Fields of application

  • patient and equipment drapes for surgical procedures


  • fully absorbent and impermeable to fluid
  • fulfil and frequently exceed the requirements of DIN EN 13795
  • enable effective infection prophylaxis in the OR
  • have good drapability
  • are folded in a user-friendly manner
  • clear pictograms
  • all products have duplicate documentation labelling
  • the manufacture of Raucodrape products do not include natural rubber latex