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Raucodrape® Equipment Covers

Raucodrape® Equipment Covers, sterile

Raucodrape equipment covers are suitable for all conventional imaging equipment as well as cameras and other equipments in the OR.

Ordering information

Raucodrape® Equipment Covers

ProductSize (cm)REFShipping Units (pcs.)Weight in kg (SC/TC)
chair coverØ = 753312430/1201.33/6.16
control panel cover, round80 x 903311340/1603.48/14.71
control panel cover, roundØ = 903312020/801.11/5.26
control panel cover, roundØ = 1203312115/601.26/5.84
control panel cover, rectangular80 x 1453311225/1003.18/13.71
control panel cover, rectangular80 x 453312230/1201.73/7.58
image converter set, 3-piece



2x cover image converter65 x 75
1x cover C-arm30 x 195
image converter set, one-piece90 x 2253311519/385.02/10.92
camera drape, telescopically folded13 x 2501596540/1602.39/10.00
camera drape, reverse-folded13 x 2501596640/1602.04/8.50
camera drape with ring15 x 2503311920/801.41/6.40
camera drape16 x 2503311825/502.32/5.41
armrest covers (2 pieces)35 x 733312346/1841.83/8.10