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Raucodrape® SMART Extremity Set

Raucodrape® SMART Extremity Set

Multi-component patient drape, including an extremity drape with a reinforced zone around the field of operation and elastic cuff for minimally invasive and other surgical procedures on the extremities.

Ordering information

Raucodrape® SMART Extremity Set

ContentsSize (cm)REFShipping Units (sets)
1 table cover150 x 190



2 towels30 x 20
1 OR drape sheet, 2-layered150 x 150
1 instrument table cover80 x 145
1 orthopaedic stockinette33 x 55
1 adhesive film strip10 x 50
1 adhesive strip9 x 25
1 extremity drape, 2-layered Plus,
elastic fenestration
200 x 300