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Cellona® Shoe

Fields of application

  • dressing protection shoe, to be worn over various types of casts and dressings (plaster of Paris or synthetic casts, wound dressings, phlebological and lymphological bandages)


  • can be used either as a closed shoe or a sandal
  • provides protection against cold and wet conditions
  • provides firm, reliable support when walking
  • can be individually adjusted by means of hook-and-loop straps
  • non-slip on wet surfaces
  • can be worn on the left or right foot

To note

  • can be hand washed at 30° C
  • do not tumble dry

Mobile with a dressing protection shoe

The Cellona Shoe is used, for example, over plaster of Paris and synthetic casts, wound dressings, and phlebological and lymphological bandages. This dressing protection shoe creates a foothold, thus making it easier for patients to walk, and increasing their mobility.

Adjustable features: two in one

The Cellona Shoe can be worn as a closed shoe or a sandal. It protects feet and casts or dressings. It can be individually adjusted using the hook-and-loop straps and can be worn on either the left or right foot. A pass-through plastic loop at the ankle makes it easy to fasten the hook-and-loop strap and obtain a good fit. The dressing protection shoe prevents slipping, providing a good foothold even in wet conditions. The shoe’s materials are washable (by hand) at 30°C.

Cellona Shoe open in a sandal version (left) and Cellona Shoe closed (right).

Product composition

outer sole (walking sole): thermoplastic rubber.
inner sole: foam layer: polyethylene;
cardboard layer: polypropylene/chloroprene rubber adhesive;
sewing thread: polyester; upper:
mesh fabric (outside): polyester;
foam (middle layer): polyurethane;
sewing thread: polyester;
hook-and-loop straps: polyamide.

Ordering information

Cellona® Shoe

individually packed in a PE pouch
SizeREFShipping Units (pcs.)Weight in kg (SC/TC)
for children
P (shoe size 25-30)164711/120.19/2.80
XS (shoe size 31-34)164721/12
for adults
S (shoe size 35-38)164731/12
M (shoe size 39-41)16474
L (shoe size 42-43)164751/120.38/5.37
XL (shoe size 44-47)164761/120.42/5.81