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Fields of application

  • used as padding under compression dressings and tape
  • for retention of pressure-enhancing dressings and padding materials underneath plaster of Paris and synthetic casts


  • thin
  • open-pored, supple
  • not bulky
  • good adhesion
  • white

Thin material, strong qualities

Haftan is designed to retain of padding material under casts evenly and with no bulging — especially in combination with synthetic materials. Haftan’s fine, open-pored surface makes overlapping wraps adhere to one another to prevent slipping on the skin.

Also works reliably in sports applications

Haftan is a thin (0.8 mm) and supple bandage made from white polyurethane foam. It is non-slip and non-bulky. The PU foam is very sturdy and it reduces the penetration of moisture. Haftan is also used for supportive joint (sports) taping in combination with adhesive bandages or tape.

Product composition

Polyurethane foam.

Ordering information


0.8 mm thick
Size (cm x m) REFShipping Units (pcs.)Weight in kg (SC/TC)
7 x 27.5
10 x 27.5223166/600.46/4.96