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Cellacare® Epi

Elbow Support

Fields of application

  • lateral epicondylitis (epicondylitis radialis humeri or "tennis elbow")
  • medial epicondylitis (epicondylitis ulnaris humeri, or "golfer's elbow")
  • effusions in the joint; swelling
  • osteoarthritis/rheumatoid arthritis; acute, chronic, postoperative and post-traumatic irritation


  • triple action therapy system:

    • highly compressive active knitted fabric: promotes blood circulation and reduces swelling


    • Integrated muscle-relieving inserts have a massaging and mobilizing effect.
    • circular stabilizing strap: targeted compression relieves pressure on the tendon insertions

  • good fit
  • soft edges
  • very skin-friendly owing to high cotton content
  • soft comfort zone in the crook of the arm
  • can be worn on the right or left elbow
  • colour: blue/black

To note

  • do not wear for extended periods of rest
  • machine wash at 30°C, do not iron, do not bleach, do not tumble dry, do not dry clean
  • remove stabilizing strap before washing
  • Tip: The removable stabilizing strap is used to increase compression according to the patient’s stage of recovery

Active support for elbow protection

Pressure-relieving effect for therapeutic and preventive purposes: The Cellacare Epi elbow support is an active support with inserts and a stabilizing strap which relieves pressure on the tendon insertions. It also provides support when treating lateral and medial epicondylitis in cases of postoperative and posttraumatic irritation and overexertion on the elbow and in cases of joint effusion and swelling in osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis.

Triple action therapy system:

Because of the specific material composition and three-dimensional knitted fabric, this elbow support is sturdy on the outside and soft on the inside. In addition, its properties are multifunctional. The triple action therapy system — a highly compressive active knitted fabric, integrated muscle-relieving inserts and a circular stabilizing strap — has both massaging and mobilizing effects. These effects promote blood circulation and reduce swelling.

Step-by-step stabilization

The elbow support’s stabilizing strap supplies the correct tension — with the assistance of a stretch indicator (red triangle) woven into the fabric — and can also increase and simultaneously regulate the pressure on an individual basis. This support is very comfortable to wear thanks to its fit, soft edges and the ‘soft comfort zone’ in the crook of the arm.

Actively combat pain

Targeting the bellies of the forearm muscles is an effective way to relieve epicondylitis. The pressure exerted on the muscle bellies by the active knitted fabric, inserts and by the additional pressure of the strap, if used, relieves pressure on the tendon insertions and reduces pain.

The kidney-shaped inserts increase pressure on the muscle region in question. The stabilizing strap, which can be adjusted individually, is used to increase the pressure further.

highly compressive active knitted fabric + pressure from inserts
(and from the stabilizing strap, if used)

reduces the muscle tone at the affected muscle/tendon system

Focussed unloading of the tendon insertions

Pain reduction

Arm circumference 9 cm from elbow measured distally.

Product composition

Cotton, polyamide, elastane, elastodiene (natural latex), synthetic latex, polyester, TPU (thermoplastic polyurethane),

Ordering information

Cellacare® Epi

individually packed in a folding box
SizeArm Circumference (9 cm from elbow to distal)REFShipping Units (pcs.)Weight in kg (SC/TC)
018 - 20133611/20–/1.84
20 - 22133621/20–/1.96
22 - 24133631/200.10/2.00
324 - 26133641/200.10/2.10
426 - 28133651/20–/2.16
528 - 30133661/20–/2.24
630 - 32133671/200.11/2.34

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