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Wound Care

Top-notch wound management

Complete care for the whole family

Whether wounds are large or small, L&R offers wound care products individually tailored to treat every patient and wound situation. This means healthcare professionals get a full range of products which satisfies their requirements and meets the needs of their patients.

L&R sees itself not only as a medical device manufacturer but also as a service partner and solution provider. In this capacity, L&R offers successful product combinations and helpful practical tips to meet the challenges posed by specific wound situations. With its motto ‘Better together — our team for heavily exuding wounds’ L&R, as a solution provider, presents the actual challenges of heavily exuding wounds as well as providing valuable, practical assistance combined with the L&R wound care products. For you, ‘Better together’ means: working together with L&R and the L&R wound care team for success.

L&R’s extensive expertise in using products and their own research activities also ensure that products are enhanced on an ongoing basis. As part of this process, practical tests and studies are conducted to ensure the reliability and safety of our products.


  • Full range of products: the right product for every wound

  • internationally popular brands
  • centralized and decentralized training programmes for health care professionals


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