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The right wound dressing for every wound

Moist Wound Management

Treatment of acute or chronic wounds requires sensitive management carefully adapted to the wound healing phases with appropriate wound dressings. It is important to avoid infection in the wound and to promote wound healing in a way that is effective, lasting and gentle on the patient.

With Suprasorb, L&R is offering physicians and nursing staff in hospital and private practice a complete range of products for Moist Wound Management: for all phases of wound healing, for all degrees of exudate, for infected and non-infected
wounds -- a complete range of products designed to work in combination.

L&R products provide optimal care for patients using the principles of moist wound care throughout the entire healing process. Because moist wound dressings create the ideal environment for the many processes which determine the course of healing.

L&R carries out in-depth research in the area of wound care and, as a result, delivers products that represent that latest innovations in the field. The advantage for medical personnel is that they can obtain everything required for optimal patient care from a single source.

  1. exudation phase

    • heavy exudation
    • activation of blood clotting, wound cleansing and defence against infections
    • destroyed tissue and pathogens are removed (phagocytosis)

  2. granulation phase

    • granulation tissue forms
    • fibroblasts migrate to the wound
    • collagen synthesis starts
    • capillaries sprout in the wound bed
    • exudation decreases

  3. epithelialization phase

    • further differentiation between tissue and epithelialization
    • epithelial tissue growing in from the margins gradually covers the wound
    • lastly, wound contraction and scarring

Dressing Change Interval

Is determined by the treating physician based on the wound condition, degree of exudate and secondary dressing; after 5-7 days at the latest.