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Suprasorb® A Calcium Alginate Dressing

Cleans wounds naturally


  • more comfortable because of its exceptionally soft structure and ease of packing
  • The ability to absorb high volumes of exudate promotes wound healing
  • easily conforms to any wound bed (rapid gel formation)
  • bacteria and cell debris are trapped in the gel

To note

  • Advice for infected wounds: use occlusive secondary dressing only if the doctor decides based on the overall situation.

Suprasorb A creates a clean wound environment for heavily exuding wounds. The high absorbency of calcium alginate, which is made from natural brown algae, is responsible for these properties. Suprasorb A is soft and can be packed into wounds very easily. It adapts to every type of wound bed.

Suprasorb A is appreciated for its ability to absorb high volumes of exudate and its rapid gel formation: A gel is formed through the exchange of calcium ions from the wound dressing with the sodium ions in the wound exudate. The gel binds to the exudate, trapping bacteria and tissue debris. When the dressing is changed, the exudate, bacteria and tissue debris are removed with the alginate fibres.

  1. Excess exudate draining out of the wound is absorbed by the dressing.
  2. Gel forms as the result of ion exchange.

Dressing change interval

The dressing change interval is determined by the treating physician based on wound condition, degree of exudate and secondary dressing, after 5-7 days at the latest.


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  • rope

Ordering information

Suprasorb® A

Calcium Alginate Dressing, sterile, individually sealed
Size (cm)REFShipping Units (pcs.)Weight in kg (SC/TC)
5 x 52044010/1000.05/0.62
10 x 102044110/1000.09/1.04
10 x 20 2044210/100 0.15/1.60
30 cm, 2 g204455/50 0.14/1.58