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Suprasorb® Liquacel

Hydroactive Fibre Dressing*

Fields of application

  • wounds healing by secondary intention if they are exuding and superficial to deep
  • Acute wounds,

    • lower leg ulcer
    • pressure ulcer
    • diabetic ulcers

  • Acute wounds,

    • lacerations, incisions and abrasions
    • second degree burns

  • Traumatic wounds and wounds with a tendency to bleed,

    • after surgical or medical debridement

  • Post-surgical wounds,

    • donor sites


  • assists in protecting against maceration of the wound edge and the skin surrounding the wound
  • effective exudate management assists moist wound healing and the healing process
  • uncomplicated application under moist conditions, as it can be removed in one piece

To note

  • When dry, Suprasorb Liquacel can easily be cut to the size of the wound. The dressing should the wound edges by approx. 1 cm.
  • Loosely pack deep wounds to 85% with rope and leave approx. 2.5 cm overlapping the wound edges.
  • Contraindication:

    • 3rd degree burns

  • Known sensitivity to the product or its components.
  • primary dressing for exuding wounds
  • effectively manages exudate by forming a gel and transferring it to a secondary dressing
  • protects the wound edge
  • can easily be removed in one piece

In contact with wound exudate Suprasorb Liquacel forms a cohesive gel which traps exudate, debris and bacteria and transfers them to a secondary dressing, e.g. Suprasorb P. This keeps the exudate away from the wound edge, reduces the risk of maceration and promotes wound healing.

Its uncomplicated application, even in moist conditions, is what makes Suprasorb Liquacel stand out. The dressing can be changed quickly and easily in one piece. The atraumatic dressing changes achieved promote wound healing. The primary dressing can be cut to size and folded and can also be used as wound filler. Coats the wound bed completely without adhering.

Dressing change interval

Is determined by the treating physician based on the wound condition, amount of exudate and secondary dressing; after 7 days at the latest.


  • dressing
  • rope

* The properties named above refer to in vitro data to date.

Ordering information

Suprasorb Liquacel

sterile, individually sealed
Size (cm)REFshipping unit
5 x 53343510/100
10 x 103343610/100
15 x 15334375/50
2 x 45334385/50

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