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Pads, Swabs and Packing

Professional products for every need

The whole package from a single source

In addition to supplying wound dressings to healthcare professionals, L&R also offers a comprehensive range of products for packing, cleansing, padding and bandaging. The product range includes swabs, gauze dressings, gauze and Gazin brand ribbon gauze. The products are designed to meet many different needs: sterile, non-sterile, with and without X-ray contrast and come in a range of sizes and plies (nonwoven and gauze dressings). The product range offers perfect solutions for a wide variety of needs. User friendliness and economical shipping units are primary considerations. For example, the packing and ribbon gauze come in practical dispensers.

Specialty products for special requirements

L&R’s Vliwazell and Vliwaktiv products offer a wide range of absorbent dressings with skin-friendly covers and water-repellant thermal insulation. These products work particularly well for heavily exuding wounds, while Vliwaktiv is also designed for wounds with an unpleasant odour. Special products for antiseptic or non-adherent packing can be found in the Opraclean line.


  • full range of pads, swabs and packing
  • high-quality products
  • products designed to meet specific needs
  • user-friendly handling
  • economical shipping units

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