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Ribbon Gauze with Vaseline

Fields of application

  • for wound care after surgical procedures, as well as for packing and haemostasis in ENT and in maxillofacial surgery, gynaecology and proctology


  • minimizes the risk of adhesion to the wound
  • can be removed atraumatically

Gauze strips impregnated with vaseline with selvedges for packing wound cavities after surgical procedures, as well as for haemostasis and packing for ENT use; also for maxillofacial surgery. Saturating the packing with white vaseline prevents it from adhering to the wound tissue.

Product composition

Cotton ribbon gauze, saturated with white vaseline.

Ordering information

Ribbon Gauze with Vaseline

(cm x m)
REFShipping UnitsWeight in kg
in an aluminium pouch
2 x 11351410/3000.08/2.56
in a plastic jar
2 x 10135151/960.07/7.43