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Highly absorbent all-purpose dressing

Fields of application

  • for moderately to heavily exuding wounds
  • as a secondary dressing for heavily exuding wounds in combination with moist wound care dressings


  • reduces the risk of adhesion to wounds
  • highly absorbent all-purpose dressing
  • integrated distribution layer for even distribution of wound exudate
  • pads and protects the area around the wound
  • a nonwoven clothing protection layer prevents penetration of wound exudate

To note

  • non-sterile versions can be sterilized by steam or ethylene oxide

Fully enclosed multi-ply dressing with very high absorption capacity for the care of heavily exudating wounds. Thanks to its especially soft nonwoven cover, Vliwazell absorbent dressings are highly skin-friendly and gentle on wounds. Wound exudate is rapidly transported into the core of absorbent cellulose wadding, which has an absorption capacity many times that of gauze dressings. A special blue nonwoven layer on the back prevents the penetration of wound exudate, thus protecting clothing and sheets.

  1. nonwoven cover
  2. nonwoven distribution material made from cellulose
  3. polypropylene clothing protection
  4. absorbent core made from cellulose flakes

Product composition

Polypropylene, cellulose.

Ordering information


Size (cm)REFShipping Units (pcs.)Weight in kg (SC/TC)
sterile, individually sealed
10 x 103045060/3600.38/2.40
10 x 203045130/3000.38/4.48
15 x 203045230/1800.60/3.70
15 x 253045330/2400.73/6.60
20 x 203045430/1200.60/2.80
20 x 253045530/1500.81/4.72
non-sterile, 25 pieces in a pouch
10 x 103043025/9000.18/5.70
10 x 203043125/4500.35/5.20
15 x 203043225/2000.33/2.71
15 x 253043325/2000.64/5.50
20 x 203043425/2000.50/4.70
20 x 253043525/1500.63/4.45
20 x 403043625/2001.00/8.70