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Lomatuell® Pro

Gel-forming contact net

Fields of application

  • dry to exuding superficial wounds
  • chronic wounds, e.g.:

    • leg ulcers
    • pressure ulcers
    • diabetic foot ulcers

  • acute wounds, e.g.:

    • lacerations, incisions and abrasions
    • second-degree burns

  • post-surgical wounds, e.g.:

    • surgical wounds healing by secondary intention
    • skin graft donor and recipient sites

  • can be used in combination with negative pressure therapy


  • atraumatic and low-pain dressing changes thanks to the formation of a wound contact layer
  • easy and safe to use as can be applied on either side and cut to size
  • supports a successful outcome by means of moist wound management
  • reduces the risk of adherence to the wound and wound edge
  • flexible and supple material allows secure contact with the wound bed
  • open mesh structure for effective exudate transfer

Lomatuell Pro is a gel-forming contact net. It reduces the risk of the dressing adhering
to the wound and wound edge and supports the wound healing process.

Lomatuell Pro consists of a polyester tulle and a coating compound made from a polymer matrix (an elastic, malleable fixing compound), Vaseline and hydrocolloid. If the hydrocolloid particles come into contact with wound exudate, they gel, thus keeping the wound environment moist. In addition, the Vaseline moisturizes dry wound areas and the wound edge. The open mesh structure of the tulle ultimately promotes transfer of excess exudate onto a secondary dressing.

Lomatuell Pro is flexible and supple, can be cut to size and can be applied on either side. This ensures safe and simple use.

The wound contact layer of Vaseline and hydrocolloid helps make dressing changes low-pain and atraumatic: In an international study, for example, 97.1% of all patients rated the atraumatic removal of Lomatuell Pro as very good or good after an average use of 2–4 days1)!

(A) polymer matrix*, (B) Vaseline*, (C) hydrocolloid*, (D) tulle, (E) gel formation, (F) Lomatuell Pro, (G) secondary dressing

*Components of the coating compound

Open mesh structure for effective exudate transfer

Dressing change interval

The recommended dressing change interval is normally 2-4 days. Depending on the type of the wound and its progress in healing, the dressing can be left on the wound for a longer or shorter period - in consultation with the responsible medical personnel.

Product composition

Polyester tulle saturated with a coating compound made from a polymer matrix (an elastic malleable fixing compound), Vaseline and hydrocolloid

Ordering information

Lomatuell® Pro

Gel-forming contact net
Size (cm)REFShipping units (pcs.)
5 x 53087010/360
10 x 103087110/120
10 x 20
10 x 303087310/80
10 x 103087450/450

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