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Digital support for the correct plastering and casting technique

A new L&R Web app for the plaster room

Accident and emergency departments are required to provide fast and reliable treatment for bone fractures and other injuries which require immobilization of the affected limbs. The Lohmann & Rauscher (L&R) online app “Application technique for functional synthetic and plaster of Paris casts” shows the correct techniques for applying functional synthetic and plaster casts so as to ensure sufficient immobilization and patient acceptance.

L&R has long provided well-attended training courses focussing on the topic plastering and casting techniques at its L&R academy. Our experience showed the need for a practice-based and simple-to-access digital resource to supplement the skills taught in our courses. The new app enables nursing staff, orthopaedists and doctors in emergency departments to conduct a quick check before making the casts, searching by limb and indication.

This new service from L&R can be used via a PC web browser, smartphone or tablet.

Use the app (available in 11 languages) free-of-charge here:


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More information on L&R at www.lohmann-rauscher.com

Reprint free of charge – specimen copy requested.

Printable images are available – please contact us!

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