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Lohmann & Rauscher’s appearance at the recent European Wound Conference was true to the motto of “The Spirit of Innovation”

EWMA Conference 2016 in Bremen

The European Wound Conference hosted by the EWMA, ICW and WundD-A-CH was held in Bremen, Germany, from 11th to 13th May. Lohmann & Rauscher (L&R), a leading international provider of medical devices and hygiene products of the highest quality, exhibited at its booth both tried-and-tested and innovative products and therapy solutions for the problems and challenges encountered in modern wound management. The company was also well-represented in the scientific sessions: The symposia organised by L&R on the topics of “Modern Wound Management – Challenges and Solutions. From Biofilm and Debridement Right up to Wounds with a High Degree of Exudate.” and “Compression – What are the Challenges and Solutions for Our Patients?” offered practice-oriented expertise presented academically. In addition, medical and patient care experts also taught conference attendees tips and tricks covering all aspects of the compression bandaging techniques, the management of difficult-to-treat wounds and negative pressure therapy at three workshops. With its activities at the largest wound conference in Europe, the company, which has five of its own R&D centres across the globe, emphasised its commitment to science and progress in the field of wound management.


L&R’s trade fair exhibit was true to the motto “The Spirit of Innovation”. Overcoming challenges in wound care with optimal and patient-oriented solutions has been a key aspect of L&R’s corporate philosophy for more than 160 years. In order to achieve this goal, L&R sets great store by, among other things, working intensively on interdisciplinary exchanges and the networking of doctors and patient care staff by means of active participation in prestigious, specialist medical events such as the European Wound Conference as an important prerequisite for the development of modern and practice-oriented product and service solutions.


Trade fair booth and workshops inspire users

L&R’s trade fair team provided the many visitors to the L&R booth with information and advice in the form of multimedia presentations and intensive dialogue. There were displays showing innovative product solutions from the company’s key business areas, e.g., negative pressure therapy with the innovative dressing for extremities Suprasorb CNP EasyDress and the whole range of modern wound management – from debridement to local treatment with specially designed dressings right up to compression. In addition, on each of the three days of the conference L&R organised a workshop on the topic of wound management. Together with qualified experts, the participants got to grips with various aspects of wound management and compression and, thanks to the practice-oriented information, were able to take a range of ideas for their own day-to-day work away with them.


Effective wound management improves quality of life

At the “Modern Wound Management – Challenges and Solutions. From Biofilm and Debridement Right up to Wounds with a High Degree of Exudate.” symposium, medical and patient care experts reported on the latest findings in the treatment of chronic wounds in practice. Biofilm, infections and macerations pose challenges for wound treatment and can have a considerable impact on the patients’ quality of life. Cutting-edge, innovative products can contribute significantly to the patient’s well-being. A prime example of this is the Debrisoft monofilament fibre pad, which makes it possible to debride superficial wounds mechanically in a way which is rapid, effective and involves only low pain for the patient.


Potential in compression therapy

Compression therapy, a tried-and-tested, highly effective method, is still employed too conservatively in Germany to some extent according to the general consensus of the experts in the “Compression – What are the Challenges and Solutions for Our Patients?” symposium. In their presentations they discussed the excellent potential of this form of treatment, drawing on case studies to illustrate how new products for compression therapy such as the ReadyWrap™ Velcro® medical binders, which patients can adjust themselves, facilitate its application in outpatient scenarios and can help to improve therapy success.

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