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L&R solutions for compression therapy

DEWU 2017: Treatment of venous leg ulcers

Patients who have venous leg ulcers (VLU) require appropriate treatment. In addition to treating the wound, it is also essential to perform compression therapy, which applies pressure to the blood vessels and tissue, promoting venous return and lymph drainage. In addition to premium products for compression therapy, Lohmann & Rauscher (L&R) also provides helpful informational materials and events for wound care experts, nursing staff and doctors. For example, on 10 May 2017, L&R gave a workshop on compression therapy for the treatment of VLU at the 2017 German Wound Congress held in Bremen by the Initiative Chronische Wunden e.V. (ICW). 

Individuals with chronic venous insufficiency have to deal not only with “heavy legs” and oedema, but in many cases also with eczema and painful wounds on the lower legs which are slow to heal (VLU). When treating VLU, compression therapy is of particular importance because it reduces the pressure and fluid volume stress placed on the venous system. Without proper compression ulcers will only heal with difficulty, if at all. For many years, Lohmann & Rauscher (L&R) has offered products for each of the three stages of wound care in its treatment pathway:

1. Wound bed preparation,
2. Wound treatment,
3. Compression.

L&R also helps ensure its products are used properly by providing training, consultations by sales representatives and informational materials, ensuring that healthcare professionals are supported while giving patients the best possible treatment.

Workshop on compression therapy at DEWU 2017

At the German Wound Congress held by the Initiative Chronische Wunden e.V. (Initiative for Chronic Wounds, ICW), interested attendees had the opportunity to learn about the causes and possible treatments for VLU at the L&R workshop “Leg ulcers – compression required!”. At this workshop, special focus was placed on the third stage of wound care: compression. ICW board member and expert Björn Jäger explained at the workshop how venous leg ulcers develop and the correct use of compression during the treatment. “Applying a compression bandage is not rocket science, but correct and proper application is essential because otherwise the situation may deteriorate further. As a first step it is important to select the right materials to achieve the ideal compressive pressure,” explained the wound expert. He noted that the second step is to correctly apply the bandage. 

Compression therapy in two phases

The treatment is administered in two phases, and compression products must meet different requirements in each phase. 

During the acute phase, it is usual to use a compression bandage that is made up of at least two layers – cushioning and a short stretch bandage – in order to reduce the oedema in the lower leg. The short-stretch multi-component systems Rosidal® sys and Rosidal® TCS were developed to provide optimal treatment during this phase. Both ready-for-use systems contain thoughtfully coordinated components that are very effective and economical and ensure high-quality compression therapy. Rosidal is a brand that has been synonymous with expertise in compression for 55 years.

Once the oedema in the leg has been reduced and the wound no longer has high levels of exudate, the second phase, the maintenance phase, has been reached. Special two-component compression stocking systems can be used for the ongoing treatment of the VLU. From 1 June 2017, L&R will be offering a new medical compression stocking system on the German market:  Actico® UlcerSys. The liner exerts a pressure of 10–14 mmHg. It protects the wound dressing and can also be worn at night. The overstocking exerts a pressure of 26–34 mmHg and when worn together with the liner during the day it produces the therapeutically required pressure of about 40 mmHg (compression class III). 

“The advantage of Actico® UlcerSys is that it ensures greater treatment safety during the maintenance phase because it exerts the necessary pressure gradient, and its high wearing comfort has a positive effect on the cooperativeness of patients,” explained Björn Jäger. Actico® UlcerSys is available in two colour combinations (sand/white & black/sand) and has a comprehensive sizing system (five sizes and two lengths).  


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