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Making ORs safer and more efficient with customised solutions

30 years of being the OR set experts!

A large number of different materials and instruments are needed for any operation, whether it’s major surgery or a minor procedure. For 30 years Lohmann & Rauscher (L&R) has been assembling OR custom procedure trays to meet their customers’ individual needs. Standard versions of the procedure trays, which contain all of the single-use medical devices needed for a particular procedure, are also available. Not only does this make prepping for procedures safer, it makes it simpler and more economical. Another reason for the long-term success of our Kitpack line is L&R’s strict safety and quality standards: More than 5 million Kitpacks, a product developed in Germany, are assembled every year and more than 10,000 Kitpacks leave L&R’s distribution centres ever day.

Every last detail of every surgical procedure must be planned out in advance and the requisite materials must be laid out. For the well-being of patients it is essential that surgical teams can work efficiently with great focus in a sterile environment, particularly during emergency surgery when every second counts. The Kitpack OR Custom Procedure Tray contains all the single-use medical devices needed for an operation, eliminating the time-consuming process of gathering the individual components, making Kitpack an economical solution for hospitals and medical practices. When trays are custom assembled to meet an institution’s needs, operations can be performed efficiently – and in an environmentally friendly manner – and stock-keeping is optimised. 

L&R has 30 years experience creating and producing OR custom procedure trays. Every day the company receives over 150 orders because using Kitpacks makes sense for clinical care facilities for so many reasons: In addition to the increased safety and time savings, customers particularly appreciate their high quality and cost-effectiveness. “Using the Kitpack reduced our OR prep time, which frees up our OR staff. Now we can have one of our two supply assistants focus on other activities,” explains Andreas Wolf, MBA, deputy hospital administrator at the ISAR Klinikum in Munich, where L&R Kitpacks have been used successfully since 2013. He adds: “And it is better for the environment because now that the components are no longer individually wrapped, the waste from packaging is noticeably less.”

Facilities can choose from over 8,000 separate components – including OR drapes, surgical gowns and OR dressing material – to customise their procedure trays. The first step in the process of assembling a custom Kitpack is having our business and medical experts perform a thorough analysis of a facility’s needs. In addition to the Kitpack Start, there is also a combination solution (Kitpack Compact) with a selection of around 700 of the most-used single-use components. L&R also offers Kitpack Select, components custom assembled according to the customer’s in-house needs. In this case, components made by other well-known manufacturers can also be incorporated.

Safety during use is also very important to L&R. The OR team’s work flow is reflected in the customer-specified packing sequence of the Kitpack. Furthermore, 15 different colours are available for different indications so that the standard colour coding system used at the facility can be consistently applied.

Before the ordered Kitpack is produced, a non-sterile sample Kitpack is quoted and assembled, and all of the individual components and the packing sequence are checked against the sample. Kitpacks are assembled under clean room conditions at a production facility in Slavkov (Czech Republic). More than 350 specialists are responsible for assembly and quality assurance. L&R operates on the basis of the internationally recognised and certified DIN ISO 9001 quality management system when producing and assembling Kitpacks. After assembly, Kitpacks undergo a 3.5-week sterilisation process at L&R’s own sterilisation facility and are delivered according to each customer’s schedule. After the OR custom procedure trays have been implemented, L&R specialists continue to advise the institution to make sure the Kitpacks are updated to reflect new conditions or developments. “L&R’s experience gives us additional expertise at the hospital. With the help of L&R Kitpack we were able to streamline the more than 100 surgeons’ standards across disciplines from just under 1,000 standards to 14 OR set systems,” reports Wolf from the ISAR Klinikum.


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