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The innovative Raucodrape® Epidural Drape from L&R

For greater safety and user comfort in the OR

Innovative materials and intelligent design distinguish the OR products from Lohmann & Rauscher (L&R) (www.lohmann-rauscher.com). This successful combination has now been taken further in Germany, France, Italy and Switzerland with the new transparent Raucodrape® Epidural Drape.

A perforation beneath the adhesive strip makes the fenestrated drape quick and easy to remove even after catheter insertion. This unique combination creates a reliable barrier effect against fluid penetration even at the perforation. A self-adhesive fenestration which is visible before the drape is unfolded makes the Raucodrape® Epidural Drape especially user-friendly to apply.

The transparent PE film which gives the user a good overview of the puncture area and the patient’s adjacent anatomical structures is an additional safety feature.

Thus spinal, epidural and conduction anaesthesia (of the plexus), pain therapies as well as central venous catheters and other punctures can be performed safely.

More information on Raucodrape® Epidural Drape can be found at: http://www.lohmann-rauscher.com/en/products/or-products/raucodrape-or-drape-system/drapes-and-accessories/or-fenestrated-drapes.html

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