Sentina® Single-use instruments

Single use – safe use.

As economic pressure begins to build and time is of the essence, that’s when the use of single-use instruments comes into its own. Especially when the hygiene and safety requirements are particularly high. Sentina single-use instruments combine high savings potential with unrestricted functionality and take the load off your staff at the same time. And all of that in invasive and non-invasive applications.

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L&R Safety Mark – Colour marking for added safety

If you want to play it safe in surgical procedures or wound management, rely on Sentina single-use instruments. They are not only clearly differentiable from reusable instruments, for example thanks to the L&R Safety Mark, but also offer you safety and high quality.

  • eye-catching colour marking combined with crossed-out “2”
  • bio-compatible
  • abrasion-resistant
  • no chipping
  • resistant to disinfectants
  • contain no natural rubber/latex

* The buttoned cannula has no colour marking and no L&R logo.


Safe use

  • matt sandblasted stainless steel finish on the instruments minimises reflections
  • high-grade, rust-free stainless steel quality of comparable quality and handling to reusable instruments

Great potential for savings

  • high cost-effectiveness and savings potential for your procedures
  • no maintenance, repair or reprocessing costs

Hygienically safe

  • no risk of cross-contamination or cross-infection
  • perfect hygienic and functional condition

High quality

  • consistently high quality ensures precise handling
  • finishing and EO sterilisation in Europe

Secure and practical packaging

  • easy removal and dust-proof storage due to reclosable flap on cardboard dispenser
  • no protection from sharp edges necessary due to retention of the instruments in stable blister packaging


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Fields of application 

  • on wards and in outpatient departments
  • in the OR and outpatient surgery
  • in doctors’ surgeries
  • in nursing and care facilities


  • offer the patient and user safety
  • guarantee high quality
  • allow precision handling
  • offer you the potential to save money
  • easy to distinguish from reusable instruments by the indelible, biocompatible L&R Safety Mark and the single-use symbol
  • have a matt surface to minimise reflections
  • have a reclosable flap on cardboard dispenser

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