Debrisoft ® Pad

The gold standard for mechanical debridement.

    “Debrisoft allows easy, safe and quick debridement which is virtually painless for patients”

    Debrisoft – the fast, simple and virtually painless method of debridement that quickly impresses with visible results. It allows reliable removal of debris and exudate from the wound and of skin flakes and keratosis from the surrounding skin. Even newly formed granulation tissue and epithelial cells are spared.

    1. left: Wound prior to first use, right: Debrisoft ® prior to use
    2. left: Wound after first use, right: Debrisoft ® after first use

    How to use:

    1. Moisten
      Debrisoft Pad only cleans effectively if it is moistened beforehand! Debrisoft can be combined with all common wound cleansing solutions.

      Whichever is selected, follow local guidelines.
    2. Clean
      Wipe the soft fibre side over the wound, applying gentle pressure. If necessary, clean the skin around the wound with another moistened Debrisoft Pad.
    3. And you are done
      Dispose of the used Debrisoft Pad. Always observe the local disposal guidelines.


    • removes debris rapidly, simply and effectively
    • gentle on newly formed granulation tissue and already established epithelial cells
    • high patient acceptance as virtually painless to use
    • Debrisoft removes up to 99.9%* of biofilm.

    * For successful biofilm management, antimicrobial treatment is required after the wound has been cleansed with Debrisoft .

    Product composition

    Composition: 100 % polyester, unbleached
    Back coating: 100 % polyacrylic (without colophony and colophony derivatives)
    Grip pocket: polyester, polyamide, elastane
    Label: polyester

    Ordering information

    Debrisoft Pad

    Size (cm)REFShipping units (pcs.)
    10 x 10343225/50
    13 x 201363235/50

    Fields of application

    • rapid and effective debridement of wounds

    Intended use

    Debrisoft Pad is designed for fast, highly effective, safe and virtually painless debridement Debrisoft Pad is used to absorb exudate, debris and skin keratoses during debridement and protects intact tissue.


    • angled fibre tips remove debris effectively from the wound and preserve already intact tissue
    • the fibre composite also removes skin flakes and keratosis from skin surrounding the wound
    • visible results quickly while being easy and safe to use
    • soft fibres ensure virtually painless application, increasing patient acceptance


    • very good results can also be achieved on hyperkeratotic or necrotic surfaces when they have been previously treated with autolytic debridement

    the soft fibre side can be moistened with any common wound irrigation solution


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