das magazin / 08/12/2017

Innovation Debrisoft

Debrisoft® – the Original

New debridement techniques with the Debrisoft® Lolly

Debridement is an important element of wound management because optimal wound healing cannot occur without a clean wound bed. With its Debrisoft® product family, L&R offers a holistic treatment concept for all aspects of wound cleansing and thus for optimally preparing wounds for further care.

The Debrisoft® microfibre pad removes  sloughs and dead cell debris effectively, quickly  and easily. It stimulates wound healing by  protecting newly formed tissue and improves  the quality of life of patients because it is very  low-pain when used.

Together with customers and users the Debrisoft product family’s success story has written a new chapter.

The Debrisoft Lolly was developed for the debridement of deep wounds, including those resulting from invasive surgery. This innovative L&R product is very comfortable for users to apply and debridement outcomes are excellent, even in hardtoreach areas.

As the L&R Group has now also acquired the Debrisoft patents and technologies, there is nothing standing in the way of L&R developing additional products and new applications.

  • Visible markings: visual orientation aid for wound depth easier to grip
  • Ergonomic handle: easy to handle, safe to use, very comfortable to use
  • Monofilament fibres: effective debridement thanks to Debrisoft®’s proven quality
  • Precise seams, in two different places: secure retention of the head, low risk to the patient that the head will pull off suddenly
  • Break-resistant polypropylene handle: high degree of safety, very good flexibility with wound pockets and tunnels means higher pressure can be used with this design, easy access to deep wounds and hard-to-reach wound sites
  • With X-ray detectable thread: safety through traceability