Why we love what we do

Who are the people behind L&R, what are their tasks?

More than 4,300 people work for L&R. With over 40 subsidiaries and associated companies as well as more than 130 partners, L&R is represented in all of the major markets worldwide. Who are the people behind L&R, what are their tasks, and also what role does their personal motivation play, what drives them and enables them to do a great job day after day? We met three of them and not only did we learn that they were very different people with different areas of responsibility, but we also found out that these people face various challenges that are always different.

Jeanette Muldoon:

International Clinical Research
Working at Activa Healthcare (UK) since 2000 (Activa Healthcare joined the L&R Group in 2008)

Why do you love working for L&R?

Integrity and professionalism in everything we do is one of our core values. A genuine desire to help others instils respect and confidence in the company and our products/services. I see our company as a true innovator in the quest for improving the lives of patients with wounds and conditions that require specialist therapies. L&R’s approach forms multidisciplinary solutions.

Our ability to combine treatment modalities in the most efficient way will help individuals who need care, clinicians who provide care for them and organisations that purchase services and products.

I love working for L&R because relationships with our clinical partners underpin the clinical commercial partnership and for that we generate loyalty. No matter where in the world I am, L&R seems to be wellrespected and consistent in the ethical and sympathetic approach to human needs.

From my job’s perspective our developments should encompass education and research as key components to complement products. Looking at novel collaborations with government, expanding the key opinion leader network and relationship building with professional bodies should be a focus for L&R.

Combining therapies such as debridement, NPWT, wound care and compression facilitates optimum efficiacy of the treatment regime for venous and lymphatic conditions. Bringing expertise resources together enables L&R to be and stay leaders in the healthcare world.

Please share with us the L&R project you are particularly proud of!

Interacting with clinicians helps me to understand patient needs, interacting with researchers helps me to find solutions to improve patients’ and caregivers’ lives. Meeting the Queen of England when Activa Healthcare was granted the Queen’s award for innovation in 2008 for successfully delivering pain relief through a drugfree dressing was definitely one of the highlights in my working life.

To manage the twoyear project on the L&R debridement solution “Debrisoft” with my team member Dawn Ashby was definitely another highlight. This project led to positive guidance by NICE, National Institute for Health and Care Excellence, in the UK – being awarded for the first time to a wound care product in 2014. The impact has been change in debridement practice that is now reaping influence in other countries too. My product champion so far is the compression product range, because it is so wellknown in many different countries and trusted for many different conditions.

Looking ahead, which medical issue requires a solution invented by L&R?

The need to address growing global problems such as difficulties to treat biofilm infections and poorly managed chronic conditions such as lymphoedema has been identified. Factors that affect treatment performance e.g. tissue density in oedema and an infection management pathway will help us to realistically position our products and services.

L&R listens to the issues facing people with conditions that need solutions, rather than to treat, prevent and aid near normal living for everyday life.

In order to promote independence for individuals and lessen the economic burden of chronic conditions, selfcare especially in the field of phlebology and lymphology should be more widely explored. Selfcare will be a vital aid to managing dwindling resources for an increasing number of people requiring care. L&R has already begun taking steps in this direction to develop systems that maximise staff and budgetary allowances. Selfcare is not only a direction that the health system will look at from an economical point of view. L&R’s belief and task is to find solutions that assist independence, by which both, the caregivers’ and the patients’ lives are improved.

Gary Keytel

President, L&R US, at L&R since September 2013

What do you especially appreciate at L&R?

Integrity, as it’s the single most important trait you can foster within yourself and within your business. Success will come and go, but integrity is forever. I love working at L&R because of the ambitions and personalities of colleagues, the great products and the purpose of the organisation. The company lives family values and strives to fulfill longterm goals.

How do you perceive your role at L&R?

I see L&R as a global giant and world leader through our commitment to expansion and innovation initiatives. Of course, I am confident that L&R US will be a major contributor to this L&R effort and anticipated success.

I enjoy my role in making acquisitions for L&R US. It is very satisfying for me to see opportunity where others might not. That comprises the identification of projects that will benefit the company and our patients and bringing the deal to a successful completion.

Apart from that, building sucessful teams is also a passion of mine. L&R takes all societal issues seriously and champions for solutions. We have done an exceptional job contributing to natural disaster relief efforts: Staff members at L&R USA collected and distributed necessities to the town of Acuña, Mexico last year, when they were struck by a devasting tornado. I’m proud of the team for their generosity and compassion.

Please share with us the L&R product you find particularly exceptional!

My L&R product champion is definitely Debrisoft as there is no other product comparable in the marketplace. I enjoy having a product that really gets people excited about L&R and helps patients. The success acknowledges that L&R should continue to find solutions for all health problems in wound care. The company’s innovations in this field are important in improving quality of life and healing wounds quicker.

Andreas Gehri

Area Sales Manager Hospitals Germany South
(Bavaria and Baden-Württemberg) celebrated his tenth anniversary on 01.01.2016

Why have you been working for more than ten years with L&R by now?

From my point of view, L&R is a company with a very dynamic development. The strong international growth, the continuous gain of market shares and our innovative product developments – that is fun and motivates every day. We have continuously improved over the past ten years; in my opinion the corporate structure, our ambitious growth, faster procedures, the professional presentation and of course our stateoftheart products are indicative for this.

And in our company we do not only talk about values, we also live by them. The support we give each other, the esteem and the personal and considerate way of treating colleagues which define the behaviour among our team in Hospital Sales Germany is one of the most important reasons why I am feeling good at L&R. We are all contributing to reach the L&R targets in terms of the Strategy 2020 – this also makes me a little proud.

Which L&R product is your champion?

The L&R portfolio contains many very good and innovative products. For example, I am a fan of Debrisoft and Suprasorb CNP EasyDress.

But besides that my heart also beats for our classics. We have a well complemented portfolio in the fields of bandages, outpatient products and OR drape systems. In the course of my previous job as a Manager for OR products in Hospital Sales I was particularly enthusiastic about the L&R concept of the Kitpack OR Custom Procedure Tray.

By the way: of course I also have a current favourite project which is to support my sales team Hospitals Germany South and to further increase our very good market share in Bavaria and Baden Württemberg together with my colleagues. Besides, I am also very excited about further expanding our service concept L&R OPTILINE because, up to the end of 2014, I took part in developing and managing OPTILINE.

For which medical challenge should L&R find a solution?

Companies in the field of medical devices and thus L&R fulfill the societal task to develop high quality and at the same time economic solutions for healthcare providers. We have demonstrated in the past that L&R is in a position to develop, produce and sell precisely these innovative products and solutions which are a real everyday help to customers and thereby to patients.

How great would it be if we succeeded in developing the ONE wound dressing which would make all wounds heal fast and without any problems and make patients happy.