We are L&R

Are you a high achiever? Do you have expertise, ideas and particular ambitions?

This is exactly what we are interested in and we want to get to know you. We are a company that has been on a steady growth course and now has an established international presence. Great ideas are needed as we increasingly internationalise our product development, marketing, sales, products and logistics. This means exciting opportunities for you.

Our slogan "People.Health.Care." forms the basis of all we do. We shape the future of our well-established and innovative medical devices in a work environment that values teamwork and cooperation. We are proud of the meaningful work we do because we develop products and solutions that are at their best when they don't draw attention to themselves: products that are easy to use, ready-for-use right out of the box, or low-pain. This way we make it easier for healthcare professionals to focus on their patients' individual needs.

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L&R as an employer

We are an international corporate group that has the values of a family-owned company. We are not driven by shareholder value. Our top priority is motivating our employees, customers and business partners. Each person is different and so is their motivation. Five good reason to choose L&R set the course for our international human resources marketing strategy – and reflect our slogan.

A meaningful profession

“I like that I make a meaningful contribution with my work.”

L&R is a supplier of solutions for future-oriented medical devices. We stand for three main focuses: people, their health and taking care to do justice to both areas every day.

  • We develop products and solutions that help patients and healthcare professionals every day anew; from our innovative negative pressure therapy used in modern wound care to our OR custom procedure trays to our compression solutions.
  • Many of our employees are very familiar with the situation of patients and healthcare professionals because they have worked in a clinical setting. Our understanding of the daily challenges faced as part of the daily patient care and hospital routine puts us on an equal footing in any collaborative relationship.
  • If a social project is close to their hearts, our employees can make an important contribution through our Corporate Social Sponsoring Programme “L&R charity – we connect”: In this programme we fund projects that employees suggest and manage.
  • The average employee works e.g. for L&R Germany for 11.9 years – this is something we are really proud of.

Professional and personal development

“At L&R I have professional and personal development opportunities.”

At our company, advanced training and skill building for both professional and personal purposes is considered very important: on the job, at the , and by exchanging information and ideas with international colleagues.

Our employees count on: 

  • Having opportunities. From hiring our interns in full-time positions to the development of internal job opportunities to personalised skill-building seminars at the .
  • Responsibility. In one’s professional area, as a project leader, by implementing studies, by coming up with ideas and helping them become a reality.
  • Internationality. We are an international team, operating in many markets, with diverse cultures and areas of responsibility. There are opportunities to work in other markets as well, including personalised preparation for living and working abroad.
  • Networking. Depending on the job, our employees interact with key opinion leaders, international trade symposia, universities and research institutions.

Work/life balance

“L&R allows me to actively enjoy my life and maintain a healthy work/life balance.”

L&R takes life planning seriously and offers the support employees need to maintain a good work/life balance. Our long average employee tenures at L&R prove that we keep our promises, too. 

Our benefits:

  • Predictability plus flexibility thanks to regular hours, support for reducing hours in certain life phases, home office agreements in consultation with one’s manager, outside sales representatives can set their own schedules.
  • Programmes for employees with children. Personalised support for mothers and fathers when they return to work, home office agreements in consultation with one’s manager.
  • Secure jobs in a growth market that fluctuates very little compared with other industries

Onboarding at L&R

“L&R helps me during the onboarding process, so I can easily learn the ropes."

Getting to know new co-workers personally, immersion in the corporate culture and teaching the ins and outs of the job are the three cornerstones of our onboarding programme for new employees.

You will quickly get the feel of things with our onboarding package:

  • The mentor principle is very important to us. Every new employee has someone they work with whom they can ask about anything to do with L&R and their personal areas of responsibility.
  • A personalised onboarding plan and, depending on the field, comprehensive training programmes, for example in products, their use, and in the Medical Devices Act, help employees learn the ropes and offer security while working for an international company.
  • The onboarding package includes an job training plan that specifies how and when you can network with the departments and contact partners.
  • At team events and training sessions you will get to know other co-workers, processes, and structures.

Health and safety

“My health and safety at work are important to L&R.”

L&R cares about its employees’ health and occupational safety, and offers programmes addressing both. There are a wide variety of site-specific programmes that our employees enjoy using. But we always want to keep our offerings up-to-date and to improve them, so we always like it when employees suggest new ideas and initiatives. Want to learn more?

  • From ‘health days’ to running groups and company fun-runs to flu shot clinics and healthy eating tips.
  • Medical care provided by company doctors or regular surgery hours.
  • Selection of healthy dishes at company canteens, fruit baskets in the offices and free water in the summer months.
  • Compliance with all laws and regulations and other voluntary occupational safety measures.