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L&R OPTILINE – sustainable and future-orientated for 25 years

L&R OPTILINE has been synonymous with process and product optimisation for 25 years.

This success is primarily down to you and our mutually trustworthy partnership. Hence we are offering you our heartfelt thanks. 

We look forward to many more years of shared success! 


We are your partner for holistic solutions.

We offer: 

  • customised services to optimise processes and products 
  • quality assurance and improved efficiency 
  • the potential to save resources and money 
  • personal support and consulting from experienced L&R specialists 

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    Our solution

    All-round support with L&R OPTILINE®.

    To ensure continued success in the growing health care market in the future, it is essential to already be well-prepared today. Increasing quality competition, cost and time pressure, a shortage of skilled workers and outpatient care – the challenges in routine clinical practice are many and varied. We help you to standardise your processes, combine sophisticated patient care with essential economic efficiency, link the aims of administration with those of the users, and optimise your outpatient units so that you have more time to care for your patients. Here is a selection of our solution methods that we use to make this possible for you: 

    The potential to save money by standardising products and processes
    Efficient use of resources through innovative care concepts
    Increased efficiency through product and process optimisation
    Quality assurance through personal support and consulting

    Our L&R OPTILINE® video

    Would you like to find out more about L&R OPTILINE? Take a look at our L&R OPTILINE video and discover your individual possibilities:

    What our customers say

    Dirk Schmuda, Head of Central Purchasing

    Red Cross Hospital, Munich – Germany

    What current challenge in the health system has L&R OPTILINE been able to help you with?

    “The change in the hospital landscape implies, among other things, an increase in outpatient care in clinics. With L&R OPTILINE Outpatient, we have the added value of process optimisation. We can order everything from a single source, which gives staff more time for their core processes.” 

    What do you see as the general advantages of L&R OPTILINE?

    “We get optimised processes via L&R OPTILINE. This not only means significant time saving for staff, but also brings financial added value through centralisation and product streamlining. Advice and support from experienced L&R specialists are another success factor.” 

    What projects have you implemented with L&R OPTILINE and what results have already been achieved?

    “Firstly, the single-use instruments project. For this project, optimisation proposals and their benefits were presented on a monetary and a process level. Implementation was smooth and well-structured. Another is the modern wound care project. A main result of this has been savings in process costs as added value.”

    Andreas Wolf, Deputy Head of Administration

    Isar Hospital Munich – Germany

    In your opinion, what are the current challenges in the hospital market and in your daily work? How does L&R OPTILINE support you in solving these challenges?

    “As an L&R OPTILINE customer, we have close contact with our supplier. This is generally a closely coordinated cooperation rather than a traditional supplier relationship. I think that, in addition to the optimisation and consulting services, the close relationship between the customer and the manufacturer is one of L&R OPTILINE's great strengths.

    Another major issue for our hospital is "sustainability". We originally opted for the L&R Kitpack OR Custom Procedure Tray, in which most of the products are not individually packed, saving on process costs. Additionally, with Kitpack we have been able to reduce waste so that there is around 80% less packaging to dispose of compared to working with individually packed products.” 

    What do you see as the major added value of L&R OPTILINE that is particularly important to you?

    “In terms of the projects that we have implemented in cooperation with professional groups such as nurses, OR staff and doctors, the optimisation of ward storage and the resulting improved search efforts are particular stand-outs. If employees need only a few seconds less to do this, they gain valuable working time. The expertise of the L&R OPTILINE staff also makes our work considerably easier.” 

    What projects have you been able to implement with L&R OPTILINE so far, and what have you been able to achieve here in terms of optimisation?

    “The first was the OR project, where we ended up providing around 1,000 OR standards with 14 drape sets – that in itself was a considerable success for us. This has standardised workflows in the OR, which has also resulted in measurable time savings overall.

    The second project concerned the ward range. Standardisation of the seven normal wards was particularly effective for us. It was interesting to find out whether there might be an alternative for an article in another ward, or whether an article in a particular ward is now redundant and is only still there for historical reasons. In this way we’ve been able to save on volume, materials and process costs.

    The third area was negative pressure therapy, which brought us procedural relief. After switching to the L&R CNP therapy units, we no longer need to sign them in and out, send them away and receive them again, as it was the case before. We also consider it positive that the exudate containers no longer need to be thrown away. As such, we also have a favourable arrangement in terms of sustainability.”

    Dr. Mirko Manojlović, Surgeon

    JZU Gradiška Public Hospital – Bosnia and Herzegovina

    Why did you choose L&R OPTILINE and how have the L&R specialists been able to help you optimise your processes?

    “Our public hospital needed a detailed, objective assessment. L&R OPTILINE was able to uncover all the disruptive factors in our facility and system. Customised efficient solutions were developed for JZU Gradiška on the basis of these findings.”

    Which specific projects have you implemented with L&R OPTILINE and what results have been achieved?

    “In the course of professional consulting, numerous projects have been realised – from the standardisation of our processes to the introduction of Kitpack OR sets and the training of our staff by L&R specialists. This mainly enabled savings in human and material resources.”

    What do you see as the advantages of L&R OPTILINE?

    “The L&R specialists take a professional inventory of the facility, recognise its potential and offer appropriate, tailor-made optimisation proposals as well as support with their implementation. By implementing L&R OPTILINE, we have been able to improve the quality of our health services and the efficiency of our own facility.”

    Emilija Kostoska, General Manager of Fila Farm

    Zan Mitrev Clinic – North Macedonia

    Why did you choose L&R OPTILINE and what added value does the service solution offer you?

    “As one of the leading hospitals in North Macedonia, our daily work daily work confronts us with many different challenges. In order to maintain our high standards, L&R OPTILINE offers us an attractive concept at the highest level and helps us to permanently reduce our costs. We are expecting savings of around 15,000 euros in the first year.”

    Irena Dimitrova, Export Import Manager

    Zan Mitrev Clinic – North Macedonia

    Why did you choose L&R OPTILINE and what added value does the service solution offer you?

    “Thanks to L&R OPTILINE, we now have everything from a single source. As we now receive all products from one supplier, the stability of goods delivery is guaranteed.

    This not only saves us from problems, but also simplifies our internal processes enormously, as we also receive only one invoice, for example.”

    Our modules at a glance

    The L&R OPTILINE® House.

    Customised services to optimise processes & products | needs-based | modular & holistic cross-site | Together with all involved parties

    Every facility has different wards with various care needs and requirements. With L&R OPTILINE we work with you to develop a customised solution for all wards that helps to make your daily work more efficient and straightforward.

    Your added value with L&R OPTILINE®

    Wound care concept

    Customised services to meet your needs

    Collaborative analysis and implementation

    Acceptance and confidence from all involved parties

    Process optimisation

    Efficient use of staff resources

    Needs-based standardisation

    Increased efficiency leading to improved cost-effectiveness

    Accepted wound standards and product training

    Safety for your users and patients

    Practical example:

    Our reference customer:

    A central priority care provider with 250 beds and 9 wards.

    Using a ward analysis, we streamlined and standardised the product portfolio and achieved savings amounting to €12,000.


    The introduction of a standardised ward shelf layout using the wound care concept also reduced the capital requirements of wards by 44%.


    Every minute in the OR counts, making smooth processes is all the more important. We help you to optimise your processes by introducing standardisation across disciplines and departments, so that you rapidly achieve time and cost savings.

    Your added value with L&R OPTILINE®

    Collaborative analysis and implementation

    Acceptance and confidence from all involved parties

    Process optimisation

    Efficient and cost-effective use of time and resources

    Needs-based standardisation

    Increased efficiency leading to improved cost-effectiveness

    Management of supply routes and shelves

    Reduction in time and effort through optimised structure

    Accepted standards and product training

    Safety for your users and patients

    Practical example:

    Our reference customer:

    A central priority care provider with 580 beds and 15,000 operations a year.

    Using an OR analysis, we comprehensively streamlined the product portfolio.

    The result after the L&R OPTILINE analysis:

    Individual sets
    Reduction in the number and content of the sets
    Individual sets
    Raucodrape® Standard sets

    The comprehensive treatment provided in negative pressure therapy also entails high costs. L&R OPTILINE helps you treat critical wound situations safely.

    Your added value with L&R OPTILINE®

    Special care products

    Safe, rapid care of difficult wound situations

    Product and system training

    Safety for your users and patients

    Full assortment supplier

    Advice from our experts in all matters relating to wound care

    Comprehensive consulting

    Help meeting your legal obligations

    Transparent billing

    Increased cost-effectiveness

    Our negative pressure therapy concept:

    User-friendly. Flexible. Economical.

    Thinking, producing and acting economically is part of who we are. This is what we had in mind when developing the Suprasorb CNP P3 system. Here, we present some special CNP solutions in the field of negative pressure therapy that we have conceived and developed for you, together with users from the market:

    90 %

    CNP EasyDress
    The unique non-adhesive secondary dressing for covering and sealing extremities generates time savings in dressing application of up to 90%.1

    135 %

    CNP Deep Drain
    Specifically designed for deep wounds, drains up to 135% more exudate from the depths of the wound than competing conventional drains do from the surface.2

    CNP Drainage Film
    The organ protection layer with a high drainage capacity transports the exudate away over the entire surface of the film. Its identical geometry provides confidence during application, and it can be cut and shaped as required.

    1) M. Duft, D. Ostapowicz, S. de Lange, K. Grießhammer, M. Abel: Audit on the usability, user and patient satisfaction of tubular bandage, Multi-center international post-marketing clinical study under real conditions.
    2) Based on in-vitro studies.

    With our administration component, we examine your current procurement processes and show you, without obligation, where there is potential for optimisation. With L&R OPTILINE, you can count on a high service standard and numerous options to choose from.

    Your added value with L&R OPTILINE®

    Process optimisation and digitalisation of procurement processes

    Efficient and cost-effective use of time and resources

    Needs-based standardisation and streamlining

    Increased efficiency leading to improved cost-effectiveness


    Focus on set targets

    SemiChecker code analyser

    Accurate and precise billing optimisation and increased revenues

    Customised impulse lectures

    Latest information on market-related matters on-site

    Practical example:

    Our reference customer:

    A primary care provider with 200 beds and 7,500 operations a year.

    To support the billing of services, L&R OPTILINE provides a code analyser, SemiChecker. Our tool is a software-based process to identify unbilled secondary diagnoses, procedures and additional charges based on medical documentation.

    Result after code analysis:
    Increased revenues amounting to more than €250,000 over 3 years.

    €84,000 in the first year
    €140,000 in the second year
    €35,000 in the third year

    An outpatient or medical practice setting has different requirements than other clinical settings. You can rely on L&R OPTILINE to optimise structures, ranging from consultation scheduling to handling of prescriptions and billing, through to budget control.

    Your added value with L&R OPTILINE®

    Collaborative needs analysis

    Acceptance and confidence from all involved parties

    Process optimisation

    Efficient and cost-effective use of time and resources

    Ordering system with budget control

    Overview of the cost situation

    Easy prescription handling

    Transparent billing

    Scanner solution

    Optimisation of procurement processes

    Practical example:

    Our reference customer:

    Medical care centre in clinical sponsorship with over ten disciplines.

    1. Full use of consultation supplies

    In an outpatient setting, a distinction is drawn between the supplies needed for the practice and those needed for consultations. The supplies needed for the practice are purchased and paid for directly by the doctor. The supplies for consultations are reimbursed by statutory health insurance providers. We analyse for you the extent to which you make full use of the supplies needed for consultations. There are often clear opportunities for making savings. In the case of one customer, we managed to achieve savings of €44,800 in this way.


    2. Savings in process costs

    With the outpatient component of L&R OPTILINE, you benefit from simple ordering processes, digital preparation of prescriptions and streamlining of suppliers. Our specialists recommend the ideal product selection and optimal use of the products. This helps our customers reduce their process costs by an average of 30% at different levels:

    • Procurement
    • Accounting
    • Auditing of accounts
    • Incoming goods
    • Logistics

    savings in process costs

    Our customised services

    Logistics. Digitalisation & E-Business. Sustainability.


    We look at the topic of logistics on a case by case basis. Here, you need services that are tailored to your challenges. The shortage of health professionals is having a major impact on aspects such as logistics in the health sector. Medical staff invest time in logistical activities instead of patient care.

    L&R works with you to develop concepts that allow your staff to concentrate on their core activities again. 

    We will support you with aspects such as

    • organising your in-house logistics 
    • determining and analysing  
      • consumption rates
      • minimum stock levels
      • optimal order levels
      • fixed delivery cycles

    Benefit from these and many other logistics services. 

    Digitalisation & E-Business

    Digitalisation in the health market is one of the TOP subjects now and for the future. The Digital Lab, founded in 2020, sets L&R up for the digital future. In the Digital Lab, we work with specialist departments and customers to develop digital services, innovative product ideas and new business models. We use methods such as design thinking and Scrum and provide important impetus for agile and digital transformation.

    With various digitalisation tools, L&R OPTILINE can also provide support here:

    • Webshops
    • Scanner systems – to optimise your procurement processes
    • E-business and EDI in the areas of ordering, contracting, delivery and invoicing
    • Start-up cooperations
    • Apps


    As a major corporate group, we are aware of our responsibility to our employees, our customers and society. With L&R OPTILINE, we offer sustainable solutions in all three pillars.  
    Below you will find some examples of sustainable services – please do not hesitate to contact us if you are interested. 
    Economic sustainability
    Through process optimisation and standardisation, we support you in achieving your commercial goals. You can find an example here
    Environmental sustainability
    Thanks to our extensive training on effective product use, product waste and misuse are avoided. This conserves resources and the environment.  
    Social sustainability
    We offer you long-term advice and support on an equal footing through our L&R experts. In this way, users gain time and confidence in facing their daily challenges.  

    Available services vary from one market/country to another. The cost of individual services depends on the type and scope of the service. Please arrange an appointment for a customised offer.

    Our approach

    We support you throughout the implementation.


    We perform a comprehensive needs analysis based on your consumption data. Based on this and the subsequent on-site inspection, we provide you with a recommendation on how you can streamline and optimise your medical device range within the scope of our product portfolio.

    2. Presentation of results to decision makers

    Your individual processes and workflows are always at the forefront of our analysis. Once the results of our L&R OPTILINE analysis have been clearly and professionally prepared, they are presented to your decision-making committee. You then decide on how to proceed with the project based on this proposal and in consultation with our specialists.

    3. Evaluation phase with practical trial

    To allow you to judge for yourself the quality of our products and the solution we have developed for you, we first trial them on-site together with your users.

    4. Feedback interviews

    In the subsequent feedback interviews, we take on board the wishes of all parties involved and any changes suggested and fine-tune the concept to your needs. Our goal is to meet a standard that is accepted by all parties involved.

    5. Supporting implementation and training

    Our L&R experts perform implementation and training on-site at your premises to the jointly agreed standard.

    6. Long-term consulting and controlling

    As an L&R OPTILINE customer, you can expect long-term intensive support and consulting to ensure the project’s continued success.

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