Pro-ophta® Sponge Points


The Pro-ophta® Sponge Points complete the L&R range of ophthalmological swab products. Due to their polyvinyl alcohol material, they can absorb up to 15 times their own weight in fluids. They can be used to swab residual fluid and to smooth the anterior corneal lamellae at the end of Lasik surgery, for example. They are also used for trabeculectomies and for complications arising during vitrectomy procedures. In ophthalmology and microsurgery procedures, the sponge points are held in grasping or sponge-holding forceps and then used to absorb fluids. The low-linting, biocompatible material minimises foreign body sensation in the eye.

Product composition

100 % polyvinyl alcohol


Pro-ophta® Sponge Points

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Fields of application

  • used to absorb fluids and to dissect out tissue during ophthalmological and microsurgical procedures
  • precise application of pharmaceuticals


  • absorb up to 15 times their own weight in fluids
  • very low linting, even when cut to size
  • cause only a slight foreign body sensation
  • for use with grasping or sponge-holding forceps