Raucodrape Cardiovascular Set

Cardiovascular Surgery/Angiography


Raucodrape PRO Cardiovascular Set

 ContentsSizeREFShipping units
1Table cover150 x 190 cm333838
4Towels30 x 40 cm
2Instrument table covers80 x 145 cm
2Adhesive strips9 x 50 cm
2Foot protectors, transparent37.5 x 24 cm
1OR Drape Sheet150 x 180 cm
1Split sheet bilateral, 2-layered Plus,175 x 260 cm
slit,20 x 100 cm
with integrated tube fixations
1Cardiovascular drape, 2-layered Plus,300/225 x 370 cm
Fenestration,38 x 40 cm
with integrated incise film,
with 2-chamber diathermy pouches on both sides,
with two additional 1-chamber diathermy pouches,
with five hook-and-loop fasteners for retaining tubes and cords
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