Raucodrape® Lithotomy Set


Raucodrape® PRO Lithotomy Set, sterile

The Raucodrape® PRO Lithotomy Set is an all-in-one drape and is suitable for interdisciplinary surgical procedures in the lithotomy position.

Ordering information

Raucodrape® PRO Lithotomy Set

 ContentsSizeREFShipping units
1Table cover150 x 190 cm3336621
2Towels30 x 40 cm
1Adhesive strips9 x 50 cm
1Under buttocks drape, 2-layered75 x 120 cm
1Lithotomy drape,175/260 x 210 cm
with integrated leggings,125 cm
with perineal fenestration10 x 15 cm