Raucodrape® LAP/Spinal Drape

Neurosurgery, ENT, CMF, Ophthalmology

Raucodrape® PRO LAP/Spinal Drape, sterile

The Raucodrape® PRO LAP/Spinal Sheet is an all-in-one drape with an off-centre, self-adhesive fenestration of 11 x 22 cm for surgical procedures on the abdomen and back.


Raucodrape® PRO LAP/Spinal Drape

sterile, 3-layered
ContentsSize (cm)REFShipping units
LAP/spinal drape, 3-layered,225 x 320330518/16
Fenestration, oval, lengthwise, off-centre, self-adhesive11 x 22