Raucodrape® Split Sheet Set / Split Sheet

Neurosurgery, ENT, CMF, Ophthalmology

Raucodrape® PRO Variable Split Sheet Set, sterile

The Raucodrape® PRO Variable Split Sheet Set is a two-sheet drape for interdisciplinary surgical procedures in the neck area such as on the thyroid, carotid arteries and cervical spine and for pacemaker implantation.

Raucodrape® PRO Split Sheet, sterile

The Raucodrape® PRO Split Sheet of 150 x 250 cm with a 10 x 80 cm slit is suitable for surgical procedures around the face and neck in particular.


Raucodrape® PRO Variable Split Sheet Set

 ContentsSize (cm)REFShipping units
1Table cover150 x 1903331315
4Towels30 x 40
1Instrument table cover80 x 145
1Split sheet, 2-layered Plus,225 x 240
slit20 x 20
1Split sheet, 2-layered,150 x 260
slit20 x 65
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Raucodrape® PRO OR Split Sheets

ContentsSize (cm)REFShipping units
Split sheet, 2-layered,150 x 2503307314/28
slit10 x 80
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