Cellacare® Cervidur®

Cervical Collar (mod. acc. to Schanz)

When the cervical spine needs relief from pressure

Disorders of and injuries to the cervical spine — which is the most mobile but also the weakest part of the spine — require special treatment. The Cellacare® Cervidur® wrap-around cervical collar can provide additional stability for the cervical spine. It is available in three different widths.

As a supplement to therapy

The Cervidur® Cervical Collar immobolises with a relaxing effect which both relieves pressure on the neck muscles and helps with recovery. It is used as a complement to both drug therapy and physiotherapy and can be used in cervical spine syndrome, plexus neuralgia and torticollis. The Cervidur® Cervical Collar has a pleasant warming effect, is skin-friendly and easy to handle.

Product composition

cotton, polyester, polypropylene


colour: off-white


Cellacare® Cervidur®

individually packed in a folding box
Dimensions (cm x m)REFShipping units
6 x 1.8224051/40
8 x 1.8224061/32
10 x 1.8224071/24

Fields of application

  • for relief and immobilisation of the cervical spine


  • for bandaging
  • relieves the neck muscles
  • supplements treatment with medication and physiotherapy by immobilising and warming effect
  • firm nonwoven core in a seamless knitted plain stockinette
  • quilted lengthways
  • skin-friendly
  • 2 cotton ties centrally sewn on at one end for retention

To note

  • washable at 40°C, do not iron, do not tumble dry, do not bleach, do not dry clean