Curafix® i.v. control

Transparent Cannula Retention Dressing

Curafix® i.v. control — the economical all-rounder

The main feature of the Curafix® i.v. control Cannula Retention Dressing is its straightforward construction from nonwoven film laminate. This design makes it much easier to apply: Curafix® i.v. control is applied in the same way as standard nonwoven adhesive dressings, without the need for elaborate manoeuvering or complicated application techniques. This makes it easier to use and above all safer for user and patient.

Curafix® i.v. control protects against infection

Curafix® i.v. control is microbe- and bacteria-proof. The tight seal and full edge-to-edge lamination ensure reliable protection against infection. The wipeable retention dressing is resistant to disinfectants. Curafix® i.v. control’s latex-free nonwoven/film lamination is very permeable to water vapour. No moisture builds up under the dressing. The retention dressing can be worn for several days.

Product composition

Nonwoven: white, 100 % polyester
Film: polyurethane, skin-friendly polyacrylate adhesive (free of colophony and colophony derivatives)


Curafix® i.v. control

sterile, individually sealed
Dimensions (cm)REFShipping unit
9 x 63020050/400

Fields of application

  • quick and safe retention of peripheral indwelling catheters


  • nonwoven film laminate with inspection window to monitor the puncture site
  • easy application
  • tight seal ensures reliable protectiion against infection
  • rounded edges
  • bacteria-proof, washable
  • resistant to disinfectants
  • permeable to water vapour
  • adheres well to the skin
  • supplied with an additional sterile pad