Cannula Retention Dressings

Curagard® is a cannula retention dressing for peripheral and central lines. Curagard® comes in two shapes: rectangular and omega-shaped (Ω).

Product composition

Edge trimming and retention strips: polyethylene foam
Membrane: polyurethane film, polyacrylate adhesive



sterile, individually sealed
Dimensions (cm)REFShipping unit
Curagard® SP, omega-shaped, for adults
7.5 x 6.530117100/500
Curagard® JR, omega-shaped, for children
4 x 6.530116100/500
Curagard® TPN, rectangular
13 x 103011825/150

Fields of application

  • retention of peripheral and central lines


  • transparent, breathable membrane with foam edge trimming and elastic retention strips
  • barrier against bacteria and fluids