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Geka® Gauze Bandage

Rigid Conforming Bandage

Retention made easy

Gauze bandages are non-sterile bandages which are used to hold sterile wound dressings in place. The Geka® Gauze Bandage has established itself as a rigid conforming bandage which can be used to immobilize limbs and supply compression, in addition to being used to retain dressings.

Product composition

100 viscose

Ordering information

Geka® Gauze Bandage

stretched length
Dimensions (m x cm)REFShipping units
individually sealed
4 x 41439020/880
4 x 61439120/600
4 x 81439220/480
4 x 101439320/400
in bulk in a cardboard box
4 x 41916020/880
4 x 61916120/600
4 x 81916220/480
4 x 101916320/400
4 x 121916420/320

Fields of application

  • for retention of dressings
  • for immobilisation of limbs
  • for compression


  • non-elastic
  • 20 threads
  • with selvedges
  • white