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Ideal bandages

DIN-compliant Short Stretch Idealbinde

The ‘classical’ bandage

Indispensable at clinics and medical practices: the short stretch Idealbinde which complies with German standard DIN 61632. It is textile-elastic and suitable for powerful compression of the limbs in phlebology and lymphology. It is also used for pre-, intra- and postoperative thrombosis prophylaxis, support and pressure relief of sprains and contusions and sports taping. Furthermore, it is also used to treat tenosynovitis and retain splints.

The Idealbinde is made from 100% cotton, which means that it is pleasantly air-permeable and skin-friendly. The non-slip structured texture means the wraps of the bandage adhere firmly to each other.

Product composition

100 cotton

Ordering information

Ideal bandages

stretched length
Dimensions (m x cm)REFShipping units
sterile, without bandage clips, individually sealed
5 x 42055910/90
5 x 62056010/90
5 x 82056110/90
5 x 102056210/100
5 x 122056310/100

Fields of application

  • for intense compression of the limbs in phlebology and lymphology
  • for support and pressure relief of sprains and contusions


  • lengthwise elastic (to about 90%)
  • textile elastic due to the twisting of the cotton warp threads during weaving
  • complies with DIN 61632
  • textured fabric
  • non-slip grip
  • air-permeable
  • with looped selvedges
  • white

To note

  • washable at 95°C
  • can be sterilised with water vapour (121°C)