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Medium-Stretch All-Purpose Bandage

All-purpose partner for everyday use


Stretches to fit all body shapes: Lenkelast® is a textured, permanently elastic all-purpose bandage which can be used for a wide range of applications. These range from everyday retention bandages for wound care to splinting and support and pressure relief to mild compression. Because of their special expansion behaviour, medium-stretch bandages conform to the shape of the body part being treated, helping the dressing remain in place for the long-term. The fine material is air-permeable and very skin-friendly because it contains a high percentage of cotton.

  • approx. 130 % lengthwise stretch

Product composition

64 cotton, 35 polyamide, 1 elastane

Ordering information


stretched length
Dimensions (m x cm)REFShipping units
sterile, individually sealed
5 x 63945310/90
5 x 83945410/90
5 x 103945510/100
5 x 123945610/100
individually sealed
5 x 6394301/10/250
5 x 8394311/10/200
5 x 10394321/10/240
5 x 12394331/10/200
5 x 15394341/10/160
5 x 20394351/10/100
in bulk in a cardboard box
5 x 63943610/250
5 x 83943710/200
5 x 103943810/240
5 x 123944010/200
5 x 153944110/160
5 x 203944210/100

Fields of application

  • for retention (e.g. of wound dressings, padding material, splints and cannulas)
  • for support and relief of joints
  • for light compression


  • lengthwise elastic (to about 130%)
  • textured, soft
  • durable elastic
  • air-permeable
  • does virtually not crease when applied
  • the finished bandage fits well
  • with selvedges

To note

  • can be sterilised with water vapour (134°C)
  • washable at 60°C